Individual modular facilities

We have operated our own production for more than 60 years, so we know how to make facilities. We solve tasks all over Denmark and would love to provide the space you need for your next project.


68 external existence

Dalsgaard benytter udelukkende quality products from the markings may be used as a means of production and may be overridden, for example, at the same time as the head, which is also synergistic and detached.

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  • Installed more than

    85,000 m2

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    1,000 modules

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Excellent space - also when it comes to quality

Dalsgaard only uses quality products from the market’s most well-recognised suppliers and we never cut corners, and this includes those parts of the finished building that are not visible.

Production at own plant

Regardless of whether you need extra space in a hurry or high quality that costs less, pre-fabricated modular facilities from Dalsgaard are the ideal choice. With our own production and professional competencies in all areas, we can solve every task. We focus on quality and follow the latest standards. We combine this with excellent construction methods and excellent space.

Individual interior design

We are extremely flexible in terms of the architectural look of your selected facilities. You have countless options when it comes to materials, shape and functionality. We simply place your choice in the system when it needs to be built, and together we build the perfect solution – the first time.

Turnkey contract

At Dalsgaard, we have the experience, competencies and resources to take care of all of your construction needs, from A to Z. This means that we love to solve your tasks in a turnkey project and thus take responsibility for all of the paperwork for site development, construction management, production and connection. Naturally, you can also use us for subcontracts as required.

Own or lease

The decision to purchase or lease modular facilities depends on two basic things: The interior design and duration. If your new facility has a special interior design, then purchasing it is usually beneficial. Duration also gives an indication of the most cost-effective form of financing. If a facility is to be used for more than eight years, it will most often be cost-effective to purchase it.

Own drawing office

We have our own project department with project managers, construction design engineers/engineers and our own drawing office. As a customer, you obtain a competent partner who can sound out/exchange ideas and provide craftsmanship and management throughout the construction project.



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“Dalsgaard delivered on time, and throughout the whole process there has been good collaboration and good coordination on the site. The finished facilities fully meet our expectations as the developer.”


Project Manager, Ishøj Municipality

“Dalsgaard helped us with all of the building applications and everything else we could not manage. And of course, they were in complete control with all of the schedules and with the solution of unforeseen challenges – even after the construction project was completed.”


Skansevejens Kindergarten, Fredericia

“We were pleased to have Dalsgaard’s expertise, professionalism and ability in finding the optimum solutions throughout the process. They build with quality and precision, which we really value. We will certainly use Dalsgaard for similar tasks in the future.”

Erik Kristensen

CEO - Castberggård